Dental Health Improvement

Jane Boyce has been working with SHARE on developing dental services at the St Paul's Hospital in Addis Ababa and the Ayder hospital in Mekelle, since 2012. When she first visit the dental department in Ayder there was a single dental chair. There is now a wide range of dental equipment used as part of an extensive service. 
Jane has developed two outreach centres, one in Adwa General Hospital and the Other at Elshadai Wukro Children’s Village. The majority of the work has focused on control of cross infection and maintenance of autoclaves, alongside developing organisational processes. 

As part of SHARE’s activities, Jane, along with various volunteers, continue to donate more dental equipment to the St Paul's Hospital, which was recently awarded the ‘Best Dental Teaching Hospital’ by the Addis Ababa University. More dental related activities have been planned for the near future including the visit of Dr Birka from St Paul's to Sheffield to support her professional development. 

With regards to dental projects at Elshadai; an initial audit was carried out to evaluate the dental needs of the children. Following this, all children received dental care education, simple dental treatments, and the donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste.